Recently there was a conversation on one of the boards I am part of about how to get downline to recruit, what are the best ways to encourage our downline to embrace the direct sales model and share the opportunity.

Naturally one of the answers is to dangle a few carrots.

Have an incentive plan in place that downline know when they do x, they get y.

Now most direct sales companies already have incentives in place for us to sell, recruit, lead our teams.

So the assumption is that those incentives really aren't enough, they aren't big enough or grand enough to motivate change in our downline.


And I can't tell you how many times I hear about what a great "leader" someone is because they give away a lot of goodies


I'm not saying that having some fun and exciting incentives is a bad thing. 

Creating excitement and acknowledging accomplishments is huge part of leading a team.

But I don't think we have to give away a ton to create a culture of sharing the opportunity. 


So let's look at 6 "Get Them to Recruit" ideas that won't break the bank:

1) public praise: on your group's facebook page, in newsletters, public recognition can go along way to make people feel good about what they have accomplished

2) private praise: a hand written note, a phone call, take time to give the personal touch it takes to let someone know they did a great job

3) information: sometimes people don't know how close they are to reaching the next titel or milestone. Spend some time with your reports, keep track of who only has one more requirement to meet and let them know how close they are and that if they need help you are here for them

4) wording: sometimes people just aren't sure what to say to those folks who are on the fence, spend enough to support their habit, or just simply have the tools to be a great demo. Help them out by providing scripts, ideas, suggestions to help them with those conversations

5) mindset: I will be honest I think we put way to much attention of what we get for recruiting (titles, trips, incentives) and don't focus enough on what the new recruit gets. When we have the mindset that we are recruiting for ourselves it can create a alot of unease. when we focus on all the awesome stuff the new recruit gets for joining it takes the pressure of and is more of a feel good

6) exclusiveness: by creating a group of leaders within your own group that get special perks, special events, etc you can create a "I want to be part of that" feeling that can motivate people to reach out beyond their comfort zone


I did a presentation at one of Stampin'Up!'s events entitled: "Educate, Motivate, Celebrate", and I stand by that training still today.

We can't bribe people into continuous great behavior.

But we can provide the vision, the encouragement, the tools, the support to create a culture of success.


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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