Those of you who have taken any social media training with me know I am not a big fan of LinkedIn for direct sellers.

While you might find some contacts it is really designed for corporate recruiters and HR types to find new hires.


But I do get a lot of requests for connections via LinkedIn and I am thinking that if I am there I don't want to look lame

"yep, I talk about social media and my profile stinks, I have no recommendations and few contacts"


so I sent out some requests to folks I have worked with and asked them for recommendations.

When I did that I thought of a career couselor I had worked with who told me, "when asking for a recommendation always offer to write it yourself. People don't know what to say and it makes them uncomfortable"

I hate that advice

It isn't genuine

It isn't real

And I think we learn so much about ourselves when we hear what others praise us for.

I got 2 back right away:


"I first worked with Lisa at her Master's Retreat Weekend.  By asking the difficult questions we, as stampin' business owners often try to avoid, Lisa guided me through an emotional and introspective weekend. Her fresh business ideas were inspirational.  Most importantly she provided me, and continues to provide me, with support long after the weekend was over. 

Since that weekend, I have taken several of Lisa's online classes.  As a successful stamping business owner herself,  she knows what works and what doesn't in the competitive rubber stamping market…and she knows how to relay that information to her clients.  I love that she is available to answer any and all questions, and that she takes the time to learn who you are and where your strenths lie."



  "Lisa is a dynamic leader who LISTENS. She understands that passion fuels our businesses. Lisa does everything she can to help her clients achieve great heights of success in their own businesses while always staying true to who they are. I would highly recommend Lisa as a mentor in whatever your business is, as she has a rich history of starting, running and maintaining more than one type of business."

am I appreciative? absolutely!

does it make my heart smile? absolutely!

is it 50 gazzilion times better than the stodgy, boring recommendation letter I would have drafted for myself? well, yeah!


But the most important thing is how it changes how I think of myself and what I do.

I do believe in the BIG PICTURE but I can get caught up in the little stuff.

This is my reminder that I serve best when I am true to what rocks my world:

passion, support, inspiration


So when you look to your clients for testamonials and recommendations, know that they will look to you for guidance.

All you need to tell them is be genuine. Be real.

It is a great opportunity to see yourself how others see you, to see where your gifts really are and to be reminded that staying true to your own passions will create great success for you: financially and most important, spiritually.

Be Inspired*Be Inspiring



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