last week I was traveling to do trainings (which I LOVE to do!!!) and after a training in Baton Rouge I tagged on a couple days of vacation in New Orleans.


I had never been to New Orleans so I spend a couple hours researching where to go, what to eat, best nightlife…..


And so I had a "kind of" list of what I wanted to do each day.

We went to the Joint for lunch our first day as they are suppose to have the best bbq


And the next day we went to Port of Call as they are suppose to have the best burger


and we hit a lot of places that were known for variations of the best seafood



and not one place disappointed!

It didn't hurt that there was also a steady supply of hurricanes, monsoons and mint juleps 😉


I am fascinated by places and people that are the best.

And the common thread is that they do what they do best.



the burger place doesn't serve seafood

the seafood place doesn't serve bbq

the bbq place serves bbq, that's it


you get to be the best by focusing on what you are passionate about

you don't try to please everybody

You honor your calling and the people who value you will find you


So simple? yeah, right!


look at your business

how many things have you added because you should, because someone told you it would help, because it was the hot hip new answer?

how much of it do you love?

workshops, private classes, stamp camps, retreats, stamp of the month, clubs, and on and on


and what we find all the time is that our clients say, "well, I don't know"

we have been so conditioned to not listen to our soul.

we have been fooled into thinking someone else knows better for us than we do

but you know, that quiet voice you keep shutting down, you know



Our mantra is "Do Less, Do Better"

where is your passion?

what excites you?

do that


strive to be the best at that

your passion and excellence will draw a crowd.


We can't be everything to everyone

But we can always be true to our passion and calling


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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