from our inbox today:


"I just wanted to thank you for your encouragement! 

I've watched other coach videos (paid for them, too) and didn't get near as much encouragement or specific ideas from them as I did from your helpful Leadership training for those of us who were unable to travel to Florida. 
At your suggestion, I created Instagram and Twitter accounts.  I had no idea what to do with them at first, but just did it anyway to get started.  While I cannot yet say I've gotten any new customers from doing that, I DO have new "followers" that probably would not have ever known about me had I not created these accounts. 
So THANK YOU for encouraging me to venture out into these areas!  I had created a blog prior to finding you but I will definitely look into your other training programs now to help me in my quest to change from a hobby demo to a business demo."
Obviously I love this and it made my heart soar!!
But I also want to share it with you for you to understand how important it is to recognize those people who you appreciate.
A lot of times words go unsaid.
We think it but we don't say it
We mean to get around to it but we get busy.
Take some time today to share your appreciation with another person.
We all need to hear that we make a difference

Be Inspired*Be Inspiring



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