I subscribe to A LOT of business trainings, like  A LOT, as in "is there a support group out there?"


Today I got one that has just been hanging in my mind ever since I read it.

It wasn't that it shared a new idea, it was really my gut reaction to a long held business belief that has been floating in me since I read it.


They purpose of their email was to uphold the belief, that in business:

"Revenue solves every problem"


and there is a part of this that really resonates with me.

Too often people work so hard on things that just don't matter

And I talk a lot about focusing on "revenue producing activites"


But I also know this:

Money doesn't heal the soul


If your soul isn't singing

If your daily activites don't honor the whispers of your soul

If your soul isn't at piece with your choices and direction


Well, then it is an empty, purposeless, unfulfilling business and life.

And no amount of money can cure that


And this is exactly why we are doing our Soulution Training at the end of the month.

when we lead with soul, revenue flows

when we lead with revenues, everything dries up


One of my favorite quotations is:

"may it be good with your soul"


and that is my desire for you

where are you at witht his thought?



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