If you follow along with us you know that I really struggle with people who say "just tell me what to do"


I don't think just knowing what to do is the answer to being successful.

There has to be a discussion of committment, fears, what gets in our way, and following our passions.


If it just feels wrong in your soul, no matter how much it is suppose to be the hot, new, must do business idea, it will not work for you.


And I think that no matter how many things you tick off your to do list, if your heart, mind and soul aren't in tune success will elude you…..well REAL success will elude you. Surface success is everywhere, but who wants that?!


I am a big believer that if you aren't grateful and appreciative of what you already have, the universe is slow to offer you any more.

Being thankful and living a life of gratitude draws good things, good people and good experiences to you.


And we all kind of know this and still we struggle.


there are so many stories in our head, hurts that we carry, unrealistic expectations that get in the way.


This is why I believe with all my heart that SOULUTION (beginning Monday, February 25th!!) is key to creating BIG success in every level of your life.

It is a 7 video series over the course of a week that starts with Own Your Spot. There is nothing cool about thinking of yourself as a victim.

Learn the key to changing your thinking. change your thinking, Change your LIFE!


We hope you join us

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