Let's face it, direct sales gets a bad rap.

It is the reason a lot of people don't want to host or become consultants.

We get dismissed by people who don't really have any idea what we do based on a lot of outdated or false information.


So  let's look at some ideas to help us get beyond the Direct Sales Stereotypes with potential clients.

1) Provide a Reality Check

we know that some people don't want to come to "home parties" because they will feel obligated and pressured to buy, or play games, or agree to host their own party so that their friend can get more free gooodies.

So if you offer something other than the traditional home party that everyone fears, make sure your potential customers know about it.

Be proud about how you run your business differently and why you fell in love with the company and products.

Make it a big part of your marketing materials, your blog, anywhere potential customers will find you.


2) Provide Unexpected Delights

we know that there isn't a lot of excitement in running your business just like everyone else. The more unique your business is to you, the more closely related it is to your passions, the more successful you will be.

So when we talk about "going the extra mile" remember that you get to decide the direction of that extra mile.

Think about what your customers might want or need to be more excited about their purchase or time at your event.

It can be as simple as a thank you note, follow up email, product tip sheet, tutorial, any info that will enhance their use of your product

Think about what people might have as objections and concerns and overcome them upfront. For products think about storage issues, organization, what things go together. where to start, what comes next, how to make good buying decisions.

Remember that we don't just sell product, we sell an experience. 

Is it relaxation?

how about giving your customers the brand of your favorite candle or music to play while crafting

Is it social?

how about giving your clients some great "group" recipes and drink ideas

Is it inspirational?

how about quotes, books or blogs that support their journey


3) Keep it Familiar

One of my favorite sales lines is "most people will do what most people will do".

Keeping it familiar means we help people feel connected and a part of what we do.

Testamonials are a great way to draw people in. When we can share how our product or service has worked for people just like them they can envision themselves being a part of us.

A lot of people have fear that they "can't". They just aren't creative.

We need to know that this is a real concern for many of our potential customers.

If we can share with them "my daughter and her friends made this"

or "my so called non creative friend Lisa created this wreath"

or "my husband made me this card by himself"

It allows those "scared clients" to think, hey, maybe I can do this.

if all we do is share our AMAZING creativity it can be a turn off to people who don't see themselves on that same level.


and remember, we will be so much more successful when we focus on the RESULT AND NOT THE PRODUCT

it is not about a stamp set or a punch or a technique

it is about the feeling we get when we share a part of our heart and soul with another person

in a card

in a scrapbook

in home decor


the joy, the connection, the warmth, the love

think about how no one wants to write in a scrapbook because their handwriting is bad….and then think of how much you cherish the handwritten recipes from generations before.

THAT is what we sell

and THAT is what people who aren't quite sure of what we do will connect with


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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