recently I did a video training for our VIPs on the importance of recruititng to really change and grow their income.

But we all know there is a second even more important piece to long term success in downline growth: training.


What does Downine Training mean to you?

I think a lot of people get confused about what it means to have a successful downline.

I don't think it is about titles

or sales


I think it is about happiness and joy, and connections


So, what does your downline look like?

Are you "bribing" them to perform?

Are you rewarding them for building a business that works for you?


Or are we supporting them in their goals, dreams, desires?

Encouraging them to be in love with what they do each day…..


If you think you, and your downline, need a little inspiring, this audio training will walk you thru specific changes and activities to create a sense of fun, joy and a different type of BIG success for you and your group

Cost is $15 and includes email support as you work thru the tasks


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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