I know that many of you are anxious about this whole social media thing.

Either you have resisted the draw or you have tipped your toes in and still don't really quite get it.

So let me tell you a little story:


This morning I went to yoga. I do Hot Yoga, which was fabulous as it was -2 this morning in Wisconsin. Brrrrr!

I took this picture while on my mat this morning and uploaded it to Instagram with the hashtags #yoga #dragonflyhotyoga #namaste

I had 13 people like it within minutes

One of them was @affirmats


Photo (1)

I checked out their Instagram account and saw the following pics

Photo (1)


Photo (2)


along with their website address www.affirmats.com

I checked out their website and feel in love with their yoga mats. Each one has inspirational words on them (pictured above).

I immediately felt not only "this is so me" but "this is so who I want to be"

I bought one for myself

I bought one for a friend

…..that is $150 purchase


That is social media

That is the power of committing to figuring it out.


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Be Inspired*Be Inspiring



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