so as some of you know we are kicking off a huge new training opportunity beginning January 23rd, "How to Generate $1000 a  Month from your Blog"


and as you might expect, we got some questions 🙂

So I thought it might be good to answer them here as you might be thinking the same thing:

1) It sounds too good to be true, so it worries me

this was probably the hardest think for me to hear because it speaks to our thoughts that making money is hard on line and it really is for the "other" guys.

$1000 a month is not $10,000 a month, now that would have been a lofty goal!

$1000 a month is basically compensating you for your time. How does that sound too good to be true?

Have we really fallen into the mindset that we should work for free and making money at this sounds too good to be true?


2) Have you done it?

I would NEVER teach something that I had't mastered myself, and not only have we far surpassed this number but we have done "test runs" with others to work out all the kinks.


3) What if I am new to blogging?

As long as you have a blog you can take part in this training. We take you step by step thru what you need to do every week to build a blog that generates profit

4) I already make money from my blog, will this help me?

If you already are running a blog that generates money, this program will fast forward you into growing that profit fast. We think that most people miss the key to really making money so once you get that, you are on your way

5) I only have 10-15 hours a week for my business, can I do this?

ABSOLUTELY! Obviously the more time you have to spend the faster the return but doesn't it make sense to spend those 10 hours a week doing what works rather than spinning your wheels?


so the real question is "why wouldn't you do it?

and the only answer to that is FEAR

Don't let fear hold you back from achieving what should be natural: making money in direct sales.


Check out the training here, we offer a one payment or 3 installments.

So NO EXCUSES in 2013, let's grow together!!!


Be Inspired*Be Inspiring



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