Recently I had to buy some new equipment for my IPhone ad I purchased it from a company new to me, Photojojo.

when it came. this was part of the packaging


think it made an impression on me?

Well, heck ya it did!!I took a picture of it and put it on Instagram (follow me @lisapretto) and twitter (follow me @inkbig)

and I am writing a blog post about it.


Why do I love this?

it is different

it is unique

it made me smile

it made an impression

and I can't wait to work with this company again.


In fact it will be my FIRST go to when I need more equipment, and truth be told, I went to their website today just to see if there was anything I needed.


So, what worked so well?

it evoked an emotion and a sense of surprise

it wasn't necessary, it was a bonus


like finding $5 in your coat pocket

or the french fry that is sitting in the bottom of bag


happy, playful, fun, don't we all want more of that?


Where are the chances or opportunities to provide that experience to your customer base?

thank you notes







When we look at "what we always do" in a fresh way we realize there are lots of opportunities to put our personalities, our unique ideas and visions into everything we do.

we can follow the path or create our own.


following the path is safe

creating our own path is personal and fun and challenging


Doesn't that sound exciting….and scary?!

Be Inspired*Be Inspiring



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