We get and receive a lot of emails.

Like 500-600 every day.


and we have to double check a lot of emails for our trainings.


One of the things we would suggest to all of you is to take another look at your email address and see how easy it is for SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW YOU to use.


Here is an example:

my personal email address is lisap53705@yahoo.com

to me it is super simple as it is my first name, last initial and zip code.

my business email address is lisa@inkbigacademy.com


they both seem easy to me, but to a new customer, which one is really user friendly?

which one will bring business and which one has the potential to lose business?

Here are some other examples of email addresses we get:




obviously you can see the huge difference here.


your email needs to make sense to me even if I don't know you, have never seen you before don't know your nickname, etc


numbers are tough, is it a zero or an "O"

"j" next to an "i" next to an "l" is a nightmare


and when a customer or potential customer works with you it can create a whole lot of issues and trust me, most people don't have the patience to work that hard.

You email bounces or comes back as a failure?

That customer is moving on.


You can work 2 emails while you change to something that makes sense, but it definitely needs to be done.

It is a small change that can make a big difference


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