We all know that GenY is not the least bit attracted to traditional direct sales and that we are all trying to figure out how to get this group of consumers to become OUR consumers.


So here is what we know about them:

they are super tech savvy and dependent

they have a strong desire to make a difference

they are independent thinkers

they crave flexibility

they feel entitled , "Why not me?"

they have BIG expectations

they find importance in instant gratification

they value lifestyle over career


the funny thing is that all of these should lead them directly to direct sales, but too often we focus on the things WE love about direct sales and those things will turn them right off


they have no interest or desire in attaining a title

they have no interest or desire to work all year for a trip


this level of thinking and training is so old school and off mark with Gen Y that not only are they not interested in this antiquated thinking, they don't have much respect for those who build a businees around these bench marks


so once we know and embrace this, what do we do with the knowledge?

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