You know that we believe big time in the importance of having strong systems in place.

OWING YOUR TIME is critical to achieve success in anything in your life: relationships, health, business


And today I am going to share with you a little calendar trick I do at the start of every year that has made a huge difference in "de-stressing" my life.


In December I print out 12 months of calendars


I write in the name of the month, number the days, etc….

I am sure you can do this on your computer easy peasy, but this is what I do, I think of it as a ritual 🙂 and I am a big fan of ritual. I always do it with a cup of ginger green tea and a sharpie marker…my comfy yoga pants and big sweatshirt, cozy socks…..anyway….


then I post them all to a wall so I can see the WHOLE year at one time….and I start adding in events.


personal, professional, trips, important dates, etc EVERYTHING


And then I start working backwards

for example:

we are doing a private training at Leadership on January 9th

So January 6: record trainings

January 7: put together PDF

January 8: pack, call hotel to confirm room set up


I do the same thing with my events

April 6: group gathering

March 1: send group evite reminder with registration deadline

March 7/8: design projects

March 15: reminder of final day to register

March 16: place supply order

March 17: contact caterer

I am on "spring break" March 23-30, so….

April 1,2,3: prep for the event


I don't have to stress about my vacaton becausei I have everything scheduled around it

you get the idea…..


the beauty of this is that there is no last minute rush

big things don't get scheduled over other big things

I don't feel like I have "so much to do"


and it helps keep me focused on my strong belief of do less do better


obviously I still have my daily and weekly tasks:

blogging, emails, videos, trainings, etc


But the big stuff, the out of the ordinary, the what we call +tasks get done in a low stress, high return way.


Give it a shot, we know it works for us….and we are pretty sure it will work for you!


Be Inspired*Be Inspiring



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