Recently 2 things happened in the Stampin'Up! world that really made me pause.

Well, I guess it wasn't so much what happened as it was the reaction to what happened.


First, the Leadership Bag change. From the SU! website:

 We are trying to mix things up a bit at leadership this year! If you've attended other Stampin' Up! events, we invite you to bring along one of your favorite bags from past years as we will not be providing a leadership bag this year

I can't even begin to tell you how many demonstrators posted the "I can't believe we aren't getting a bag" comment on various fb pages.


and then we had the most darling video shared with us from the home office to wish us Happy Holidays

and I actually read comments like:

"that was our Christmas gift?"

"I could barely get thru it.."

"they use to….."


I'm not saying we can't have opinions, or feel a little "huh, that's different…"


but one of the things I train my direct selling clients on all the time is that you have to embrace change in your business.

What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow

What you LOVED about your business last year may not be what you love this year.

And if something simply isn't working, dump it and run like heck!


We need to embrace change in our business and we need to embrace our corporate office making the changes they need/want/desire

and truth be told, we have NO idea what is coming next, what program changes will allow them to do going forward, where that money is being reallocated to make our business stronger.


embrace change and growth at all levels of our business

be the voice of "I can't wait to see what is coming next"

our attitude towards change is more significant than the change itself!