For those of you who follow us on facebook, you know that I share a lot of inspirational pictures, quotations and ideas. And sometimes we get asked, "why share all those feel good messages?"


for those of you who are friends of mine on my personal page, you know that I often get comments like, "wow, you have a great life" or "man, I wish I was you"


And here is what I believe is true in my life AND your life, both personally and professionally


No one has a great life

People choose to make a great life.


And making a great life begins with gratitude. And that is your personal great life and your great business life


If we don't appreciate what we have, the trials and triumphs that have brought us to this very place, what can make us think that MORE will make us happy?


I have had personal heartache, professional heartache, been thru a divorce, have 5 kiddos ranging from 15 to 21….

I know pain and hurt and frustration

and despair so deep that I wanted to stay in bed, FOREVER


and along with those moments I have had

success and happiness and peace

and  joy so deep that I wanted to shout from a mountaintop


and hear is what I know:

what we focus on grows

the grass is greener where we water it

when you choose gratitiude your whole life changes


We thank you for being with us thru this ALMOST first year of Business

I would say we have achieved beyond our wildest dreams, but I have some PRETTY wild dreams for me, and you…..


we look forward to offering you more inspiration, the occasional kick in the booty, a hand to hold and a vision of what life looks like when we begin each day with a "thank you".



Be inspired*Be Inspiring



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