with a new year just weeks away, it is a great time to make changes.


But change is a tough and uncomfortable word for a lot of us.


Today in yoga I heard something that I thought was so powerful.

"don't think about change, think about making a shift"



the word change implies BIG stuff, but maybe we just need a slight shift

and a shift begins just with how we think about things


a shift in what we do first in the morning

a shift in what we do last at night

a shift in making our office more inspiring

a shift in where we focus our energy

a shift in what we wear while working

a shift of embracing something that has scared us



Look at your business and really think about what small shift(s)  can you embrace?

What small shift can you do for yourself, your downline, your customers to make you happy, calm, joyous, settled….

a small shift in thought, behavior, surroundings, thoughts can have a huge impact


so where would your first shift be?


Be inspired*Be inspiring




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