Loyalty programs, a lot of direct sellers offer these to keep their people coming back. We have written on this subject before and you can check out our thoughts here.


Here are the struggles I see a lot of direct sellers having:

1) tough to track

2) not changing customers' behaviors

3) cha-ching!


if you have a loyalty program and it has become old hat, you aren't seeing it do anything really awesome for your business, and it is costing you more money than it might be bringing in, then the end of the year is a perfect time to re-evaluate.


I love the start of a new year to re-evaluate my business and bring out some new goodies.


so how about this…

anyone ever gotten one of these in the mail?



DSW sends out coupons based on what you have spent in the last couple months. And I don't care if I need any shoes  (we are talking shoes, here!) but I will plan a trip to DSW the week I get one of these.

But getting these has caused me to do something new for my loyalty program, kind of a non loyalty program….stick with me…

Here is what I am doing in 2013

1) if you haven't been at a class for 3 months, I will send you a coupon good for a free class

2) If you haven't purchased from me in 3 months, I will send you a coupon good for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more


Like I said, it is kind of a non loyalty program. Strange? Maybe?



but I am also doing some RANDOM fun items for my regulars.

I am sending these coupons to my tried and true customers, RANDOMLY with a little note that says thanks for supporting me and my business.


I am printing these thru VistaPrint, use whatever service works for you, with the dates left open.

This way I can add the date as I use them and send them regularly thru out the year.



time to rethink

just because you have done something in the past might be the worst excuse to do it in the future.


Be purposeful and get rid of what is not working well for you!


Be inspired*Be inspiring




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