We have heard from so many of you who aren't able to join us in Orlando for our training before the Stampin'Up! Leadership conference, and how desperate you are to LEARN AND GROW your business!


We are sharing our BEST Social Media tips: blogging, facebook, pinterest, youtube and more

Our BEST Traditional business tips: how to do less events and make more money, and a revolutionary new way to plan your events that will bring in tons more revenue!

Our BEST Downline Training ideas: tips and tricks to create a downline who is happy and engaged, your long term success depends on it!


And our Success Fraternity demonstrators will share what they are focusing on in 2013!


We are making all of this available to you even if you can't be there that day with us (I know it isn't exactly the same, but trust me the info is amazing!!)


Our long distance Leadership packet will include:

 a password protected 30 page PDF training AND audio from all 4 training topics


we are giving you one week of unlimited email access to us to ask all those questions we know you will have 🙂

new stuff, lots of questions, right?


You can be a part of this long distance training for only $40, and trust me, you don't want to miss out this one!

Because of the email access we are granting we are only offering this to the first 40 who sign up.

so spread the word to your downlines and sidelines and jump on this baby!!