the time between Christmas Day and New Year is the perfect time to schedule yourself time in your workspace to plan and dream


When you look to 2013, what are your goals, plans, vision for your business?


One of the things I talk with my clients about all the time is the imprtance of building a business that reflects you.

Your business doesn't have to, nor should it, look like everyone else's.


too often people want to tell you they have the trick, the cure, the newest, biggest, brightest way to build a business, get that next title promotion, earn a free trip.

But remember, what worked for them may or may not work for you

You are unique

You have your own set of skills and talents

You have your own goals and dreams


So before January 1st rolls around take a long look at the current state of your business and what you want to accomplish, add, or remove from your current business plan.


Make your plan as unique as you are

Just because your direct sales company defines success by titles, promotions, and free trips doesn't mean you have to define your business success by those same requirements.


To me, success is being financially compensated for my talents and having the time to do what is most important to me.

Whether I am a Senior Manager or Senior Executive, who cares?

Whether I can pay my bills, save for the future, send my kids to college, and spend time with the people I love, I care a lot about that

Define YOUR success

it will make the work way more fun, and the achievements worthwhile


Be Inspired*Be Inspiring



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