In direct sales we typically work really hard until the last day we can get orders delivered for the holidays and then look forward to our "down time"


this "down time" can run weeks and I think it is important to ask ourselves if we really need 2-3 weeks of a break from our business.

and I will balalnce this with the fact that I LOVE what I do and taking off 2 days is asking a lot….my brain just starts rolling….


Although we may not be collecting and placing orders at a high level the end of December, this can be a critical time for us to set ourselves up for success in 2013.

So let's shift thinking of this as time off, to just working in a different way.


4 Keys to a Great Start in 2013



1) Blogging

If you are blogging it is critical to not take off any extended length of time. In fact, we recommend keeping your blogging schedule EXACTLY the same thru the holidays.

Aside from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we see NO change in traffic on blogs. If you take too much down time your readers will go elsewhere. Build momentum for yourself thru the end of 2012


2) Classes

plan your class schedule, figure out how you are going to market your classes, touch base with your fav customers, get prepped to hit the ground running.

The planning and marketing of quality events takes time and energy. Commit to not just throwing out a schedule but planning a thoughtful array of events thathelp build your business



Now is the time to figure out the things you have been wanting to add or try in your business. This is why we are doing a class on creating online classes and youtube beginning December 15th. This is a perfect time to take your business to a new level.

Let's be excited about what we are doing every day in our business in 2013!


4) Evaluate

A new year is a great time to stop/change things in your business that just aren't working. When we work one on one with clients we have them list everything they are currently doing in their business. Then we break it down into 3 categories: Do, Delegate, Dump

 Just because you have always done something is no reason to continue doing something

Use your holiday time wisely and you can hit 2013 with great focus, excitement, and prepared for success.


Be inspired*Be inspiring




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