one of the biggest pitfalls I see in the blogs that I evaluate is that THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!


Because here is what happens:

you decide to blog

you get overwhelmed by the techie aspect of building a blog

you hire someone to "do" your blog

and now, your blog looks like everyone elses.


which is the kiss of death in blogging, seriously


And is so counter intuitive because the strength of your blog is YOU!

you have to show up in your blog EVERYTIME

if the set up is the same

if all the sidebars look the same

if all the links look the same

well, it is tough to stand out



a lot of these folks are earning their pay, and I do believe they are VERY well intentioned, by putting up a lot of STUFF on your blog.

And you know how we feel about "stuff"

yeah, we're not impressed

neither are your customers


Your blog is your unique take on what your company offers

Your blog needs to speak to the ideal reader EVERYTIME

Your blog will be most successful when YOU are running the show


and the "techie" part is not that hard, well, particularly as we have it all figured out for you.

If you are ready to build a blog that is YOURS, check out our Build a Blog from Scratch program

It is easy

It is doable

and it is YOU

and that is when you will start to have SUCCESS in blogging


Be Inspired!



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