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We had one of those "character building" weeks at our home this week.


My thought on character building is that it sounds great as long as it is happening to someone else's child.


Well, that was not the case this week.

This week it was my child.


My middle child, William, is an amazing young man


kind, caring compassionate, charming….

he played varsity hockey for 4 years in high school

he played soccer in high school earning all city, all conference, and a captain of his team


and he is bright.

Not just smart, but skip a grade, national merit semi finalist kind of smart.


And this was the week he had to commit to a college soccer program.

Now he got accepted everywhere he applied.

And he was able to play soccer at all those places.


but he didn't get the kind of scholarship money he would have needed to attend these schools that cost a minimum of $40,000 a year.


because even though his intellect makes everyone want him, his academic work ethic and grades are not reflective of his brains.

So he is going to a state school, and let's just say he is  not thrilled about it.


So what does this have to do with you and your direct sales business?


All of us have goals

All of us have the skills and potential to make those goals a reality.

But are we willing to do the work, every day, that it takes to reach our goals?


Because all potential means is you haven't done anything yet.


You cannot have a direct sales business that makes money without doing the work it takes to build that business.

The end result of success doesn't come to you because you have the skill, it comes to you because you have worked to create it.


But just like William will have a chance to start fresh in college and get to where he wants to be, to where he thinks he belongs, you get a chance to start fresh every day to commit to the work it takes to create a direct sales business that matches your dreams and goals.


So do it

Start today


and if you are the praying kind I know William and I would love to be included as we make the best of a "character building" week.


A few months in and William LOVES school and is doing incredible!

He made the team

He adores his teammates and coaches

He got playing time

He became a starter

He scored game winning goals

The team won conference

The team has just been invited to participate in the NCAA tournament

Here is a WOO HOO to the boy and making the most of his fresh start

I hope it inspires you to make your fresh start!


Be Inspired!



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