It doesn't happen often, but I am



Recently I was part of a conversation with a demonstrator who was looking to add online classes to her blog offerings, we say AWESOME! YAY! GO FOR IT!!


and she shared this:

"all this talk of Landing Pages, Paypal, subscriber forms, autoresponders and everything else is overwhelming.  Plus, they said you can't do these aforementioned things with a Blogger blog.  I need WordPress, plus web hosting, Aweber, Optimize Press, and Wish List (optional).  I was so excited thinking about designing my classes, but I just can't do this."


and this is just a bunch of BS!!

I don't mean to be crass, but I can't stand when people make this way harder than it needs to be.


it makes me think either they are dumb:

they just don't know how easy social media has come to be which means they have not invested the time and energy to stay up to speed

or they think you are dumb:

you can do all those things from any platform, using any number of tools….telling you that you HAVE to use any particular business…do they really think we don't see right thru that? kick back, endorsement fee, whatever you want to call it, they are making money from telling you that you have to use a certain set of hosts….and we see that


I hate when people take advantage of those of us trying to grow our businesses and expand into areas we aren't necessarily savvy in.

It makes me mad

And lucky for me, and I guess you, I get VERY PRODUCTIVE when I'm mad.


So we are offering 2 classes to help you get a handle on all this stuff

1)  Building An Online Class

how to market, build, deliver and PROFIT from online classes

We will provide all the info on making this tool work for you!

It will be an audio and pdf training that will also give you unlimited email access to us for questions and support

Class fee is $30 and will be available December 15th, you will have access to it FOREVER


2) YouTube, the KEY to building a successful online business

You KNOW you should do it, but man, there sure seems to be a lot to it!

We will walk you thru setting up your own YouTube account, how to create rockin videos, how to use them to drive traffic AND sales, how to create free and paid for video trainings, how to link from your fb and blog and pinterest account, and how to build subscribers

This training will be audio and pdf supported, along with unlimited email access for support and questions

Class fee is $30 and will be available for you to access December 15th, and you will have access to it FOREVER!!



we think these 2 classes go hand in hand, so we are offering a discount when you purchase both, you can get both classes for $50!!

Sign up is limited, so don't miss out on your chance to master this thing

and forget about it being hard, trust us…..

we are in the trenches with you

we had to "figure it all out"

we did it, we know you can do it to!!


Building an Online Training/Classes, $30





YouTube Training, $30





Save $10 and get both classes for $50