welcome to our last post on how to make your GREAT events better!

You can read our intro to this subject, how to get more people at your events and how to generate more sales.

Today's post talks about how to increase your fee to be a better reflection of the time and energy that goes into creating an awesome event.

But I will be up front, I think too many events are fee based and not sales based and this conditions your customers.

I will shout it from the roof top:

we need to stop creating class attendees, and focus on creating buyers and consumers of our products


So while a fee is great because it assures you some cha-ching in your pocket, remember we are sales people so it needs to be combined with solid sales of product


Here is what I will tell you in terms of fees:

start a slow increase and make sure it makes sense to your customer base


Let's say you decide to increase your class fee by $3

If we do it without any explanation our customers are going to be all "what the what?!"

so if we are going to raise our prices be sure that we are adding extra value so that everyone feels it is a win/win.

and don't think that a $3 increase won't be a great deal for you.

On a small scale it looks like this:

15 people times $3 = $45 more per event

$45 x 2 events a month= $90 per month

$90 x 12 months = $1080 a year


you going to turn down $1000 more a year?

I know I'm not


and think if you doubled the amount of attendees by focusing on getting more people at your events?

Adding Extra Value

1) Embellishment Packages

when I would prep for events i always found myself with "extra" stuff: ribbons, buttons, paper, etc. Finally I  got smart and included sampler packs as one of my bonuses and a great "extra value".

"Included in your class fee is an embellishment package to take home of our newsest and most exciting products, all of which you will get your hands on at this class"

2) Tutorials

people love to learn.

So you can include printed pdf's, links to online tutorials or youtube videos.


These don't necessarily need to be done by you. And obviously give credit where credit is due. No one is going to be offended that you have sent people to their work.

You just put them together and market them as an "exclusive resource library included with your registration"


don't undervalue your time and expertise

we condition our customers to behave in certain ways


one demo can charge $10 for a class that someone else charges $25 for, your customers will grow with you over time when we do it by treating them well and providing great value


Make your great events better

Do Less, Do Better

Examine your calendar and get rid of what just isn't working

Then really make what is working, work hard for you!


Be Inspired!



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