one of the things I get asked a lot by my clients is whether or not they HAVE to blog.


my first response is this is YOUR business, you don't have to do anything you don't want to in your business


with that being said if you ask me if I think you SHOULD have a blog, well, I am going to say yes.


because here is the deal,

Your blog is your home base

It is your best place to connect with your customers and future customers

It is your best place to share your unique voice

It is your best place to provide great information and insight

It is your best place to develop a loyal following

It is your best place to encourage sign up for your newsletter

It is the best place to provide awesome customer service




So yes, I think you should set up a blog, but you don't have to run a blog like everyone else.

You can post whenever you want, as long as it is consistent

You can do shares of cool things you find on line

You can do videos

You can do challenges


You can create a blog that is unique to you

You can build a blog that speaks to your passions

You can build a blog that doesn't look like what anyone else is doing


So ask yourself, what do I have to offer?

What would excite me to do every day?

What do I love most about my business?

What is my unique skill, voice, take, niche that makes me different?


So instead of building something because you think you should and everyone else is doing it, think of your blog as your personal space, your home, your studio, your club on line.


warm and cozy


clean and simple

Be you

and those who dig you will come runnin'


Be Inspired!



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