alrighty, you have an event that you love to do and is successful.

so our goal is to make awesome even awesomer ( awesomer might not be a word but it totally should be!!)


Getting more people to an event will automatically make it more profitabe and is the easiest way too build the potential for sales.


so let's look at 3 ways to get more fannies in the seats

1) Marketing

so often when I talk to folks they tell me, "well, I emailed my customer base……"

c'mon people surely we can do better than this!

We can create an event on our FB business page

We can send individual emails to our top 20 clients encouraging them to attend

We can pin a sneak peek to our Pinterest Board of Events with a link to the sign up

We can do a share each day for the week before registration on both our blog and FB page to build excitement

I can CALL you

or text you

or message you on FB

I can send out postcards

Plan your next event and then PLAN the marketing of that event.

Calendar it with all the varous forums you will use


2) Bring a Friend

you hear me say it all the time: the best way to get new customers is to utilize your exisiting happy customers

make sure that bringing new guests is a cultural happening at all of your events

Now, don't give discounts and don't give something on the sly.

Make it a big stinkin deal to bring a guest new to you.

As a SU! demonstrator my best tool has always been an extra make and take for both the exisitng custoerm and the guest.

It is the best make and take of the event

It has a sign that says "VIP Make and Take"

I want EVERYONE to say, "hey, I want to make that!!"

My response: "I would love to have you make that, you just need to bring a guest new to me to the next event and I promise I will have something even more fabulous"

Think about it: if every guest brings a friend, and then next time both customer #1 and the guest bring a friend… have doubled attendence in just one month!

I know, shut the front door, right?!


3) Free Class

You have heard from numerous demos on our success fraternity calls about the importance of "free classes"

EVERY demo needs to have an opportunity to offer a free class on their calendar EVERY month!

As you begin to network, meet people, do vendor events, you want an opportunity for people to join you stamping without a lot of up front obligation

Build your attendence by using your best events as free classes to your new peeps.

No, you won't get the fee…..

But, if this is your most successful event that means you are rocking it!

they come, they love it, they order,


they come back next month with a friend NEW TO YOU!!


More People=Good for Business


Tomorrow: more sales, way easier than we make it 🙂

questions, comments, love?

leave them below, we adore hearing from you!


Be Inspired!



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