Do Less

Do Better


when it comes time to filling our calendar we know that productive is important, we all have to "get 'er done" to be successful in our relationships, our health, our careers.

I have often said "give me 10 things to get done in a day and they all get done. Give me one thing to do all day and it takes me all day to get it done".

And I know I am not alone.


But when it comes to our business, I want you to think a little differently.


We look at our calendars and we want to increase our sales or profit and our first thought is "I can add another event"

and so we start adding events, but we rarely see our sales and profit increase in relation to the work it takes to do another event.

Over time, our calendar is filled with lots of so-so, not horrible/not great events and we get "so busy" we can't keep up with our calendar.

sound familiar? 🙂


So here is what I propose:

Do Less

Do Better



Take a look at your 3 most financially rewarding events that you love to do.

What if we could make those activities MORE profitable?

What is you could do half as many events and get more sales?

Now you're listening, right?


In business the quickest way to gain momentum is to make the good better.

And what makes an event better?

more attendees

more sales

more fees collected


1) more attendees

the more people at an event the more fees you collect and the greater potential for increased sales

2) more sales

if we can get each person to order an additional $10-$15 per event, this will dramatically increase your sales over the course of a year

3) more fees

too often we charge too little for our expertise. But raising prices is tricky as we need to keep our customers happy too.


So let's put together a plan

For the next 3 days we will look at how to make each event we do bigger, better, more profitable and enjoyable.

Be sure to check back each day


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