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How to get more sales at your best events?

3 Keys to BIG Sales

1) Collect Fee ahead of time

regardless of how you set up your class, always collect the fee ahead of time.

We "forget" that we have already spent the money, it's long gone. And that makes it much more likely that we will spend more money the day of the event.

Even if you set up your class as a $25 or free with a minimum $50 offer, collect that $25 up front.


2) Know your "average sale" and offer incentives based on that number

What is the average sale at your best event?

Let's say it is $35.

And you NEED to know this number. I don't think of myself as a math girl, but when it comes to my business you better believe I live and die by my numbers.

How else do I know if things are working?

or a complete bust?

So, if your average sale is $35, than it surely doesn't make sense to offer and incentive at $30, right?

I recommend offering an incentive at $10 over the average sale.

$10 isn't that much to the person doing the purchasing.

But $10 more from each person, at each event….that adds up for you

Now, make sure the incentive isn't so grand that you spend more than you make on that $10. That isn't good business sense.

Maybe it is free envelopes set up at a station where they can stamp them.

Or a goodie bag of embellishments


3) Kits

I LOVE kits!

They are to me the key to great sales

First, let's get clear that we are in DIRECT SALES.

We are not direct teachers or trainers, or any other word you want to use because you have a hard time owning that you are in sales.

So our job isn't  just to create customers who come to class, our job is to sell products.

And that means we need to think like a salesperson, create a great shopping event for our customers.

Offering kits is a great way to provide awesome customer service AND increase sales.

Our customers don't know what goes together, what makes the best sense to purchase, the benefits of purchasing bundled items. It is our job to guide them in the sales process so that they are excited and thrilled with their purchase and not just buying stuff that will sit in a bag.


So kits are the answer.

And I recommned doing it this way:

Decide what you want to sell, build your kits, and then design your projects for the event.

For example, let's say you want to sell the Big Shot.

You would have a kit that includes the big shot for those customers who haven't purchased that yet.

A second kit can focus on texture impressions embossing folder and the core'd'nations cardstock and sanding kit

I would definitely focus on the alphabet for one kit, maybe with a selection of cardstock and specialty paper

And one kit with coordinating framelits and stamp sets


We need to make shopping fun, easy and provide our expertise in a "get these things, they make sense, they will make your stamping time more fun"


Expect sales at your events

Create easy ways for people to buy products

Slowly increase the average sale


Embrace being a sales person, it's not a dirty word 🙂

I believe we are all selling all the time.

We sell the kids on the idea of cleaning their room

We sell our employees on the idea of hard work


We sell our spouse on how we want the toilet paper on the roll (everyone knows it should come over!)


YOU are in Direct Sales, so let's own it and be good at it!



Be Inspired!



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