If the "the devil is in the details"  then the "money is in the followup"


One of the things I have been so happy to hear from our Success Fraternity speakers, is their strong committment to "systems"

to a "way of doing business"


We are HUGE believers in systems.

strong systems paired with a deep passion are critical to your business success, well really any success you want for you life, right?


So the question is, "do you have a system for follow up with your customers?"

If no, or if yours needs a little primping, here are 3 ideas:


1) Postcards

you can make your own or order them from Vistaprint, etc.

It can be artwork or a photo of your product

Send a quick thank you to everyone who orders from you

And schedule this weekly: Every Tuesday at 4 pm, etc.

Make it a part of your weekly to do: that is a system


2) Emails

Make a list of those people who like to do certain things.

For my SU! peeps set up an email group for Big Shot, scrapbooking, mds, 3d, holiday, etc

Twice a month schedule yourself time to send a "hey, I know you love _____, thought this would be of interest to you" and forward an idea that will engage them

The first and third Wednesday of each month: that is a system


I would also do this with potential hostesses and recruits


3) Phone Calls

EEEK the phone!

you want to build a business? get over the phone phobia and get 'er done!

Every Monday morning call:

your hostesses, check in! One of the things direct sales' hostesses say all the time is that they don't hear from their demonstrators often enough

your downline: new people, business builders, struggling downline. Make it a point to call 5 of your downline each Monday: that is a system


Our job as business owners is to SERVE our customers and downline.

A strong system of followingup is key to really serving them.


when I work with clients one of the things I hear is that they are so busy and this is overwhelming. And the tough love comes pouring out when I tell them, "we need to shift out of our busyness and into our business"


If you are too busy to SERVE your customers and downline you have prioritized the wrong things in your business and you will never create a strong solid business


Systems….get some 🙂


Be inspired!




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