Recently we were chatting with Ann Clemmer (stamper dog) in one of our Success Fraternity calls and we talked about what a great job "branding" her business she did right from the start.


And one of the things she mentioned was that she built her customer base not only with people who were already stampers, but she attracted people who were drawn in by the dog and then converted them to stampers.

I find this BRILLIANT!!


Ann was able to use her stamping, but also incorporated her personal life, her personality, her passions, to help her grow her business.


This works for 2 reasons, and is something we all need to be more conscious about in our businesses

1) Get Personal

your potential customers want to see who you are as a person.

The more they can relate to you the more likely they are to form a positive impression of you. You know how it is when you think, "hey, I really like her" or "that is so cool" about someone you are doing business with.

So we need to share those things that light us up: now you know I'm not talking religion or politics 🙂

But our pets, volunteer organizations, hobbies, these all make us more real, more accessible and can win us an audience that our product alone wouldn't have opened for us.


2) Build Relationships

We talk all the time about business, whether in person or online, being all about relationships.

Having something in common with the people who are your customers makes building relationships so much easier. It's kind of like you are already "in", and that is a huge deal when it comes to building a customer base.

And as you are sharing about your passions, be sure to ask about your customers' passions. We need to make sure they feel like they are more than just a sale, just another transaction.



Now we want to caveat this with, don't share everything!

No one needs to know everything about us, we aren't that interesting LOL.

I know sometimes it is easy to think we are like Taylor Swift on Twitter, but no one cares that we went for coffee


But pick one thing, make it your signature

share your PASSION


you will attract a crowd

your genuine voice will draw people to you

and your business will grow!


Be inspired!




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