Recently I was working with one of my mentoring clients and we were talking about her "follow up" systems.

Follow up systems are how you work with potential hostesses and recruits, how you meet the needs of your customers and express appreciation to them, how you answer the questions and direct your downline….

kind of a big deal right?


Her response was, "I just don't have time to follow up"


Can you imagine the conversation that followed? I promise I was gentle 🙂

We spent a lot of time talking about being busy, how we use our time, what our priorities are in business.


And one of the phrases that dominated our discussion was creating a "way of doing business"

Our speakers in our success fraternity share this every week.


Do you have a way of doing business?

Are you spending your time doing what is important and revenue producing?

Do you know what you need to do every Monday, or Tuesday…..

Do you have time scheduled to write your newsletter, call potential hostesses?


Excellence is a habit

We are, and our business is, what we do daily

"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day"


We want to give you the quickest, easiest way to create your own "way of doing business"

We want your business to be fun and exciting, not overwhelming


And to do this you have to OWN YOUR TIME

We have identified some keys to running a successful business:

8 specific areas that need attention

Day specific tasks to keep you organized

Creating time to plan, create and grow


Our 2013 success Planner is NOT a daily planner to schedule your dentist and hair appointments 🙂

IT IS an amazing tool that will help you manage and grow your business with less stress, more focus and BIG results

all 200+ pages of it!

Check it out, we think it is the single most important gift you can give yourself this year!

2013 Success Planner



Be inspired!




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