we hear you, I promise!!


We have heard from so many of you that you need help getting started blogging.

So. this training is for you.


We guarantee you will have a beautiful, functional blog, with all the bells and whistles necessary by the end of training

even if you have never blogged before!!!



Setting up a blog takes technical knowledge


a creative touch


it has to have:



a call to action

a shop now option

a newsletter sign up

facebook integration

and much much more



and you will have a blog that does all this!


this training is a combination of training calls, that you will be able to access via recording, and email support in the form of pdfs and  answering questions


We will monitor your blog over the course of it's development giving you tips, tricks, and pointers.


We will provide all the code you need to simply cut and paste, we have figured out EXACTLY how it needs to be done and will make sure it works for you.


There is an audio and pdf piece so that regardless of how you learn best, we have you covered

 We provide the code, the "art" of blogging

and full email support thru out the entire training


Cost is $75

Beginning a blog is never going to be easy

it isn't going to be a passing phase

and don't think it is too late

get it done

and let us make sure it gets done right!