A couple of years ago forming "stamp clubs" was all the rage.


And it makes perfect sense, right?

A group of customers who love to stamp, a set "workshop" on your calendar every month, and predictable sales.


But what I am hearing from a lot of demos is that their stamp clubs are starting to dry up.

People aren't spending as much money as they use to, but that makes sense right?



When we first start buying into this fabulous addiction, we want everything!!


Well pretty soon we have everything 🙂

It is tough to always justify a new stamp set, ribbon, or dsp when we have a room full of stuff.

So the question is:

If we have been depending on our clubs for our sales, and sales are declining, what in the Green Gumball are we suppose to do?!


4 Steps to Make Your Clubs PROFITABLE!


1) Offer a quarterly "bring a friend" stamp club get together.

Each person is encouraged to bring 2 guests to this month's club. If they bring 2 people they get X, whatever you think will excite and them and get them to MOVE!

The friends are required to order the club minimum, which will boost your sales and get you in front of new people


2) Offer a quarterly stamp camp

Give your club members a special incentive to join you at your quarterly stamp camps. Make this a BIG public reward for coming. I like allowing my stamp club members to make a special make and take that is designed just for them.

Make a big deal out of it so that MORE people will want to be a part of a stamp club:

New clubs, New stampers, HIGHER sales!


3) Offer DIFFERENT types of clubs

Big Shot





We often have people who are in several clubs.

you can have your standard club every month, then offer an MDS club on even months and a Big Shot club on odd months

You will have crossover, and that is okay.

But we need to offer MORE options to gain more new customers


4) Club Hostess + Private Class Hostess

Encourage your club hostess to also host a private class within a couple days (or right before or after club) to raise sales for you and free goodies for her. She can invite people who aren't in stamp club.

Remember private classes are great for non stampers as they know exactly what they will be making


Stamp clubs are great compliments to our businesses.

But we have to remember that the life of a customer is finite.

We need to keep builidng our customer base or over time our sales will decline

New stampers are the key to keeping sales up, so use your clubs to help you build your customer base