One of my favorite quotations is "If the only prayer you ever say is thank you, it is enough"


I love it because to me it says, "I get it, I know where all blessings originate from and it sure isn 't me"  🙂


Thank you is BIG

And I want to thank you for reading us, sharing us and taking the time to interact with us thru comments here on the blog, engaging us on twitter, and liking, sharing, and commenting on our facebook posts


Some of the love we have received just this week:

I can’t say enough about your Inkbig Academy website and Success  Fraternity! … your lessons has sparked a new vision and  enthusiasm into my life.   I have been following your demonstrators for the past six  weeks and what you are sharing is making a difference. I especially loved  yesterday’s session about Facebook! …..
Also your portion on profitability was absolutely amazing! Due to some  health issues that have arisen within the past year I may have to discontinue my  business until I get more stable, but I will continue to listen and learn. 
……This is so exciting, Thank  you for getting me to think outside the box about the business and clarifying  things for me.  You have provided a roadmap to success.
just listened to yesterday's call about Pinterest <love it!>



really soooo loving the success fraternity . I get so excited when I get to listen! …you have such an awesome ministry to this niche market  and I would hate for you to become "just another direct sales training company". You are so much more than that right now and I'd hate to lose your insight to SU matters


Thank you, thank you , thank you!!


We are just like you

We have long days

We have stresses and distractions of family, friends, obligations

We struggle with technology and best laid plans…..


and your words and encouragement keep us going and remind us that we are doing important work.


So today,

tell someone thank you, take time to appreciate someone's efforts.

And not your spouse, or kids, or friends. that's too easy

How about a blog you follow, a facebook page you like, an on line store you shop at…..


Social media is a give and take, a conversation.

Join the conversation

Appreciate something that was shared

Not sure what to say?


thank you is enough 🙂


Be inspired!




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