When I work one on one with clients, we inevitably have a conversation that focuses on how they treat their business.


and it always includes me telling them:

 "give your business the respect it deserves".


And the reason this conversation comes up all the time is because we get and give a lot of excuses as to why things can't or aren't getting done.


One of the things we all love about our direct sales businesses is the ability to be flexible. But that flexibility has its limits.

The things that need to be done on a daily basis need to be done period.

You can decide if you are going to do them at 5 am, 10 am, 3 pm, 8 pm……but they have to get done.


This means that you plan your work and work your plan.


If your friend calls to go for coffee and you have scheduled yourself to work that morning you say no.

It means if your daughter asks you to babysit the grandkids last minute and you are scheduled to do your phone work that afternoon you say no.

If your husband calls and wants to take you to dinner and you have a tele training scheduled with your team, you say no.



No is not selfish

No is essential to a balanced life and a successful business.


"I would love to have coffee with you , but today doesn't work. Are you available Friday? I would love to catch up"

"Honey I would love to babysit, but I have phone work that has to get done. I would love to help you tomorrow morning"

"I would love to have dinner with you but I have a training scheduled. How does tomorrow night look"



We have to remember and embrace that if it is important to us it is important. PERIOD.


By letting ourselves and our business be swayed so easily by what everyone else wants us to do, we give away our power, we give away our importance, we give away our sense of self.



And that's not okay


So embrace your goals, your desires, your dreams.

And build your life to support them.



Remember, your life and what you do with it is significant.

And honoring your goals just might inspire someone else to inspire theirs.



Be inspired!




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