One of the things we have talked about in our Success Fraternity phone calls is training, and it is a topic that intrigues everyone.


Jan Wakeland shared that she has put together a "top 10" for new demos to start on.

I work with a "new demonstrator roadmap to success"


Here are a couple of ideas on what can go on your new demo training:

1) sign up for a DBWS

2) plan an open house to share your new venture

3) send an email out to everyone you know letting them know about your new venture. Invite them to join you at your open house AND to visit your DBWS

4) put together a list of events you would like to host: mother/daughter, scrapping day, fundraiser, private party, stamp clubs. Create 6 months worth of offerings and advertise these

5) go over placing orders, pricing, shipping, etc

6) teach how to organize paperwork, sending thank you notes, customer follow up, etc

7) attend a group event


 leave your thoughts below on what YOU would like to have as a new demo training.

We learn best from each other, so here is your opportunity to share.

And we all have an opinion as we have all been a new demo!!


Be Inspired!



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