Earlier this week I wrote about different things we need to train our new demos on when they are starting out.

One of the comments we received was, "well, how do I find business minded demos?"

It's a great question!



And here is what I have always believed about recruiting business minded demos.

"sign people for the discount and train them for the career"


I will tell you that all of my successful downline, including myself, signed up for the product, the fun, the relationships, and the passion for the products and business turned them into business demos.


So I think when we recruit we need to focus less on what we are looking for, and more on what our new recruits are looking for.


And I think if you want a CHANCE of more business minded recruits we have to recruit MORE people.

 It makes sense right that if you recruit 3 people a year or you recruit 10 people a year you have a much greater chance of someone getting the business bug when you work with MORE people.


So the pressure to find business minded folks lies more in how many you recruit rather than in who you recruit.


Once we have them here, our captive audience :), what we can control is the environment they come into.

So it is our job as uplines to have a training program  that is low pressure, fun, exciting and IN PLACE!

So where to start?


What to focus on?

What methods work?

Do we offer incentives?



This is where I built my entire direct sales business

This is what I spoke about at 2 Stampin'Up! Leaderships

This is what earned me 2 top 5 Greatest increases in First Level Sales

This is what had 5 of my first 14 recruits earn cruise their first full year


So let me help you!

We are doing a 2 call teletraining that will help you:

 identify how to create a culture of involvement

help your new recruits ease into doing "business"

identify who is a business builder

provide on going training that anyone in your downline can access at anytime

and how to use incentives that make sense.



And remember that your business builders are looking for more than titles and trips. We need to show them how to be profitable.


At the end of these 2 calls you will have a completed training program in place that will easily carry all of your downline to their business dreams.

Not your dreams, mind you, but their dreams. But without our guidance they might not even know how big their dreams could be!!


Cost for the teletraining of both calls is $25 and will leave you with a complete training program in place ready for your downline to step into and create a consistent and easy way for you to connect in a focused, purposeful way that also makes good sense for YOU.


Sign up here and let's get this training thing done!