Have you ever walked into a store and thought, "this is so me!"?

of course you have, we all have!


here is one of my latest, my yoga studio


It even happens to us on line.

Blogs, Websites, Etsy stores…..we all stumble upon or get sent to a place by a friend's recommendation and suddenly fall in love


What is that about?

And more importantly, how can we create that feeling for our readers and customers?

Here are the 3 components of creating a "that's so me" experience


1) know who you are and what you stand for

you need to figure out: what is your message, your why, the reason you started and WHY DO YOU BELIEVE WHOLE HEARTEDLY IN WHAT YOU DO

2) know who you are selling to

identify your "ideal reader/customer", who your market is and what makes them tick

3) create an experience

using your product create a story that your readers can relate to


Think about popular retailers:

Anthropologie and Old Navy

Nordstrom Shoe Department and Payless Shoes

Sephora and Walgreens

Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts



all are popular, successful and have a loyal following.

but boy are they different from each other

different experiences, different language, different feel

there is no right one or wrong one

they have each identified who they serve and create a "this is so me" for their IDEAL CUSTOMERS



this is the key to success in social media and most importantly, your blog

know who you are

know who your customers are

and serve them everytime, in everything you do


if you need a little help in pulling it all together, our Social Media Mentor Program can be a huge help to get you on the right track!

Be inspired!




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