I do a lot of one and one and group training, and lately I keep getting the same question:

"what do you think about private classes?"


Private classes are kind of the new buzz words in stamping businesses. I am sure that those of you who are consultants for other direct sales company's have a "new way" of selling product each year as well.


Because it has worked for some, we get excited about it. We are willing to try something new and different and hope it will be as successful for us.

The same thing can be said for stamp clubs and blogging. New, different, nothing to lose, right?



I love innovation

I love people stepping out and blazing the trail.


just because something works for one demonstrator doesn't mean it will work for you.



If you have read any of my thoughts then you know that I think it is critical to

Define Your Passion

Listen to Your Soul

Find Your Unique Voice



and sometimes we find ourselves just piling on every new idea that we hear about

We build a business of things we should be doing and not things we love to do


So before you add the newest, hottest, hippest way of selling product, take a step back

Does it excite you?

Does it feel true to your soul?

Does it feed your passion?


Just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean you need to do it

And that is cool


Being one of the crowd is fine for some.


But being yourself is how you will build the most successful business.

And by success I mean having a business that is profitable and flexible and makes your soul sing!


Be Inspired!



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