We all love Pinterest!



and it is a Direct Sellers' dream tool for creating excitement and driving traffic.


And here is the real skinny:

the more followers you have on Pinterest the more successful the sharing will be,

the more people will see you,

the more people will come to your blog

and you can build an audience


But how do you get the RIGHT people to follow you?


Well, we need to tap into those people who are already fans of yours

and here is how


1) Get A Pinterest Tab for your Facebook Fan Page

right now you can only link your Pinterest account to your personal page.

And we are all well aware that we run our businesses from a business page and not our personal page, RIGHT?!! 🙂

So to create a Pinterest TAB for your business page go to woobox.com and they will walk you thru the super easy steps of how to create a Pinterest Tab for your page.

This way all of your Facebook fans can easily click to your Pinterest account every time they visit your page.


2) Share the Link to your Pinterest account

on your business page share the link to your Pinterest account as a post.

Include why they should follow you on Pinterest.

What do you share there that is different or exclusive?

Be clear in the value they will gain from following your Pinterest account


3) Promote One Awesome Pin

When you have a pin that is your original work, maybe a sneak peek of an upcoming class or promotion, share that pin specifically on your business facebook page


you can either upload the image of the pin as a status update


you can include the direct link to the pin in your status update


When you post the direct link as your status update on Facebook, it will automatically include the image of your pin, the name of the board it is from, and the caption of the pin (so be sure to take the time to fill all those out)


Which makes this a great tool to drive excitement for events and specials!


Pinterest can revolutionize your business

But only if people go to your boards and share what they find


Start building a following by getting those people who are already fans on board and they will help you build your fan base as they share your pins wih their followers.


Need a little more inspiration on using Pinterest in your direct sales biz?

Check out this post


Be Inspired!


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