so I spend the majority of my time working individually with direct sellers helping them build PROFITABLE businesses


learning how social media can compliment their tradtitional businesses.


We spend a lot of time talking about what we call

"your unique voice"


There are 10's of thousands of people who sell the same products you do and 1000's of them blog about it.


So how do you stand out in that crowd?

* Define Your Passion


what part of your business lights you up?

that is what you are passionate about and where you will find your unique voice

* What is Your Take on It All


it is not the product you share but WHY you share it

what you have to say about it is your unique voice


If you try to set up a business that copies what someone else has done, it MIGHT work.

Know that you will need to do it bigger and better to draw that crowd they have already claimed.

But when you set up a business, both traditional and on line, that is honest to your true self, this is the most effective formula for success.




will ignite that fire

get you up in the morning

and people will be drawn to your passion, enthusisam and truth


Does that sound daunting?

Our Mentoring Magic can help you with the hurdle to building a business that really speaks to your soul. Check it out and see if it is for you.

sign up begins July 26



Be Inspired!!



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