One of the most common goals of direct sellers is to generate more sales.

It really is the base of our business.

here are 4 Keys to Generating More Sales


1) More Customers

referrals, craft/vendor fairs, and social media are the 3 top ways to create more customers.


2) More Sales per Customer

By utilizing kits, good sales practices, checking over order forms, checking in with customers via email, fb, phone we can generate more sales at events and more follow up sales


3) More Events

if you want more sales try adding one more event each month that is different than what you currently do.

Make it a BIG deal.

Your “Awesome August Attitude Adjuster” night.

Serve chocolate or wine (both those make people happy).

Have a centerpiece to be raffled away

Partner with another direct seller to generate excitement

Decorate with a theme

Market the fo’shizzle uot of it and let people know they don’t want to miss it!


4) Charge More

if you are doing events that people pay to attend, charge $2 more next time and throw in a pdf tutorial.

there is a popular saying



so if you want to generate more sales you need to do different things.

So, where are you going to start?