This next week many of you will be heading to your national conference or convention.


I always share that attending convention after just 6 months as a demonstrator changed my business dramatically.

Like REALLY dramatically.

I never would have built a business of the size and success I have now without that vision.

Convention can be a huge motivator, but there are a couple things to keep in mind to make sure it is an awesome event for you and every one you come in contact with.

1) It should be a business motivator not a business make over

every year we hear stories and testamonials of all these great things demos are doing in their businesses and we come home ready to implement ALL of them.

But here is the deal, not all of them are right for you, your brand, your goals.

So listen and be motivated.

But don't jump into a bunch of changes.

Bring those ideas back and let them percolate.

View them thru the eyes of your long term business goals

Be picky, only adopt the ideas that really speak to your soul and get you excited to get out of bed each morning. Don't just add more things to your "should do list"

2) Everyone can learn

I can't tell you how many times I hear the "old timers", you know those of us who have been around FOR-EVAH, say, "I need more. I don't want to hear susie stamper talk, I want xyz."

Our business is very basic.

Create customers. Sell, recruit, train.

And we all need to do this, just on varying levels

And we have downline who are newer to the business who still need the basics.

Never get too big for your britches where you are above learning from someone with a smaller downine or newer business.

3) Be prepared to give

reach out to new demonstrators, home office people , speakers and trainers.

share your appreciation, your knowledge, your enthusiasm

Direct sales is about relationships. And those relationships aren't limited to just your customers and your downline.

Learning, sharing, networking…

Be a giver, share with a generous heart.

I will never forget talking with a successful demo when I was just starting and she wouldn't share ANYTHING she did, not a lick, drop, nada.

A, not very cool right?

And B, I lost respect for her business.

If you have to guard your success that closely that means you are afraid someone could take it away.

But we all know there is plenty of room for all of us to succeed.

No, we can't all be number one.

But we can all build big powerful profitable businesses.

Be generous.

Be thankful to the universe for blessing you with success

So go into your home office event open, ready, and excited to celebrate everyone.

Celebrating is fun, I know I love a good party 🙂


share your tips below on how to make the most of convention.

Remember, sharing is a GOOD thing 🙂