One of the frustrations I hear from young or new leaders is that it seems they get to that magic number to promote and then lose one of their downline.

They feel like they have to start all over.

That can be depressing

I get asked, "how do I get my downline to stick around?"

Here are 3 keys to helping your downline stick around:

1) Recruit more people

It is tough to build a business in which we are super dependent on every single person in our downine to maintain our own business.

People come and go in direct sales even if you are a rockstar leader.

So recruit more, which means you need to get out and focus on building your customer base as quickly as you can

2) Recruit good people

We all know of people who were close to the next promotion, trip, whatever, and gave away some big incentives to get somebody to sign up as a demo or consultant.

It is rocky to build your business on these types of recruits.

Instead, focus your recruiting efforts on what that potential recruit can gain from signing up.

Talk to them about why this is a good fit for them,

how it answers what THEY are looking for,

not what WE need

3) Provide Community

I don't care how good YOUR upline is, YOU are the person your new recruit needs to connect with.

Invest some time,

talk about their goals,

invite them to events,

get to know them.

YOU are their emotional touch point and the strength or your relationship and committment to them can make a huge difference in keeping them active


These are 3 fast and easy ways to build a downline that is solid and stable.

Get going on these and I am telling you, you will transform your downline in just a few short months!