You guys know I take a lot of trainings.

I am a big believer in "earners are learners"

I want to learn and grow in my business every day, it gets me super excited!


So I got this message the other day and I thought it was so awesome and wanted to share it with you:


"A few weeks ago I stumbled across a really fun, vibrant necklace.

I thought about purchasing it. While I was checking out the seller's shop, I noticed she had a blog.

Since I love getting to know the person who makes a handmade product I'm thinking about purchasing, I clicked on her blog. It was a mess. All of a sudden that necklace didn't seem as appealing.

I didn't think to myself, "Oh my gosh, I can't possibly buy that necklace because her blog sucks." It was more of subconscious thing. I didn't even realize it until later that day when I was walking my dogs and put it all together.

Before I saw her blog, I thought her brand was professional, clean, and modern. Her blog told a very different story. The branding didn't match. The sidebar was completely cluttered. The posts were all promotional in a salesy, I-only-talk-about-my-products kind of way. It was unprofessional and a complete turn-off.

The necklace no longer seemed like a splurge on something fun and unique. The excitement and sparkle faded. And, that person lost that sale.

Things could have worked out completely different.

What if her blog and shop branding matched? What if she didn't just post new products, and instead, provided content that potential customers would actually care about? What if her sidebar had been clean with a button to her shop, where she can be found on social media, and an opt-in form for her email newsletter? What if the copy on her about page had made me fall even more in love with her business?

I might have started following her on Twitter and liked her page on Facebook. I might have bought that necklace and become a loyal, repeat customer. I may even have signed up for her email newsletter, especially if she was offering something that I really wanted like 10% off my first purchase.



This is what happens when people come to your blog.

If you are rockin your blog, people want to hang out and get to know you.

If your blog is a mess you will cost yourself sales all day long.


If you have that sinking feeling, "holy cow, she could be taking about me, I know I need to get my blog in shape", don't panic, just get on it!

If you haven't taken our Pimp My Blog mini course, consider this is your call to action 🙂


Be Inspired!!



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