Recently I sent out a survey to my downline just to check where they are in terms of their happiness with their business.


I also asked them to let me know where they need a little more direction.

So I am going to take some time over the next few posts to share my thoughts on some of these areas.

And really, they are quite common areas: recruiting, downline activity, finding customers, generating more sales…..stuff we can all use more info on, right?

Let's start today with finding customers.

Potential customers are everywhere.



And the best way to make the most of this potential customer around every corner is to be "open for business"

So what do I mean by "Open for Business"

Think about all the different types of events that you can offer to potential customers to meet them where they are.

Mother/Child events


Lunch Hour Events

Happy Hour Events

Baby showers

Bridal Showers

Birthday Parties

that is just a couple to get you thinking….



when we are struggling to find customers it means we are not offering what they are looking for.

So think of who your customer is.

what kind of life do they have?

what can you offer them that would make sense for their interests and lifestyle?

If the only type of event I offer is X, then I am missing out on a whole bunch of potential customers.


But if I offer x, AND a, b, c, d, …..well I am going to meet the needs of a whole lot more people right?

So the first step in generating more customers is to:

look at what your customers want, and build more options for them to interact with you and your products.