I spend the majority of my days on the phone.

Talking to you.


Well, maybe not exactly YOU, but people who do what you do and struggle with what you struggle with


Direct sellers who want to build their business and not get stressed out.

Demonstrators and consultants who want the BIG DREAM: flexibility and profitability


and it takes tough conversations to get over some of the excuses we all carry around to explain why we aren't living that Big Dream.

It is tough to own that we may be the problem, we may be the reason we are struggling.


We think we can't

We think well if only x, then I could do y

It's where we live, where we work, our kids are too young, our kids are too old


and none of those are ever really the problem



Because in the end, I believe:

 we will step very far outside our comfort zone for the things that are crucially important to us.


It might be over the top, but I often tell my clients, "If your child's life was dependent on you earning $10,000 in the next 3 months you would move heaven and earth to get that done."


So you can do the hard work.

You have everything in you to succeed


The big question to answer before you can really achieve the success you dream about is

 how bad do you want it?

because there are days when I have thought,

"If this was any less important to me, I would not do this"


My Dreams are BIG

And the best way to know if your dream is BIG, if this is it, if this want is your BIG ONE, is if it scares you a little and pushes you out of your comfort zone.


So make your BIG DREAM important

Make it important enough to step out of that comfort zone.

Sure it's scary, but you can't move forward into the life and business you deserve until you leave that comfort zone and embrace doing it differently, doing it better, doing it smarter.


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Be inspired!