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well today it was about risk.

"If you risk nothing, you risk everything"


I think this is so key to success in direct sales.

Really what we do every day is very easy and very simple.

We share our products, we follow up with customers and downline.

We offer the opportunity.

We check in with our downline.


But here is the big thing

Most direct sellers really struggle with these things.

We can't find any hostesses or recruits

No one wants to spend moeny

Our downline is failing


And when we get suggestions of how to improve our business we say, "well that would never work for me"


We find ourselves in a place of struggle because we aren't willing to risk REALLY going for it.

We dabble and expect to get big results.


So today, I want you to read thru the business tips in this blog with new eyes. Yep, pour yourself a cup of coffee, glass of wine, and really read with new eyes.

I want it to be the "I can do this" eyes.

The "I am putting it all on the line" eyes

The "I deserve success" eyes

The "I am a direct sales professional with a rockin business" eyes


Risk Big, Win Big

(and sometimes lose big, but really, big deal. We aren't defined by our failures, only our excuses to not get up again)


Risk nothing, Risk EVERYTHING


Be Inspired!!



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