Building an Inspired Downline Teleconference Training

as an upline, we want our downline to succeed, right?

not only because we know it is critical to our business success, but we know that when they feel successful they will stick around.


So how do we create an atmosphere, a plan, a method of making sure each consultant, regardless of their own goals, feels successful?


Join us to learn

* 3 types of demos in your downline and what they need

* a weekly and monthly plan to meet their needs

* the best places to put your energy

* how to move from a "manipulation" to "inspiration" upline

* how making these changes will result in building a downline that is steady, stable, strong and successful


Listen to a little bit about that idea here:


And then sign up to join us:


Wednesday, June 20th, 10 am central

This telelconference is for uplines who are really looking to make changes in how they are working with their downlines.

Cost is $15 and includes the teleconference, the recording and a PDF with daily, weekly and monthly to dos to build and inspired downline